Technological counselling

Digital transformation of an enterprise is a multi-stage process. What solution is worth implementing in the first step? Which tool, among many available on the market, will be the answer to the specific challenges of a production plant? How to properly manage change in an enterprise?


In the offer of explitia services, we provide professional technological consulting, thanks to which we will: map the current situation (AS-IS), determine the flow in the processes of the machine park, build a data matrix divided into access sources, and finally create a digitalization roadmap and a table of solutions corresponding to to the specific needs of the company addressing the greatest challenges.

Technological counselling – why is it worth it?

Constantly changing technologies and possibilities mean that investing in the purchase of an IT system should not be made without prior analysis. A thorough examination of the needs and current processes and the identification of specific IT solutions are crucial to the success of the project. explitia specialists can help you to perform an analysis and create a detailed plan for the digital transformation of your machinery.

A detailed roadmap of digital transformation is created with reference to:

  • real needs and challenges of a given production plant,
  • hierarchy of challenges based on ROI,
  • client’s budget,
  • business realities and the requirements it must meet,
  • a digitalization plan including key milestones and elements of pilot solutions,
  • constantly developed and fully scalable IT products and solutions.

Technological counselling – the goal

  • Determining the company’s biggest challenges which can be helped by digital transformation.
  • Building a roadmap for the digitization project.
  • Indication of the most important milestones and the path between them.
  • Construction of a detailed and dedicated solution concept.
  • Assistance in selecting specific IT solutions.

Technological counselling in explitia

Our technology advisors – thanks to their experience in building and developing various types of IT systems for production plants from many industries – have unique competences on the market. This allows the client to be guided through the whole process, from creating a concept and map of digital transformation, through building infrastructure, extracting data from various machines and devices, to designing an IT system, service and continuous development of a scalable tool.

The implemented solutions are built and implemented based on a dedicated concept, thanks to which they respond to challenges and provide assistance in the daily operation of the plant.

Experience – explitia team

The explitia team consists of programmers, project managers, automation specialists and application architects.
We know perfectly well how to obtain data and combine IT and OT.
We provide services all over the world - our portfolio includes projects in Germany, the Netherlands, the USA, Great Britain and Mexico.
Our clients are companies from various industries including: automotive, food, chemical and household appliances.
Our hallmark is the combination of empathy, flexibility and cooperation. These three unique values make us approach each project individually. We help leaders of production plants to go through the entire path of developing the Industry 4.0 concept.

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