An optimal report allows you to convey important data from the production process in a clear, intuitive and more effective way. A properly prepared report guarantees the correctness of data and significantly both facilitates making business or investment decisions, and those related to downtime or repairing possible faults.

Reporting is an element of each of the IT solutions we offer, which has allowed us to gain extensive experience. Discover the capabilities of the Explitia team in creating automatic reports.

Reporting – explitia’s experience

The explitia team has extensive experience in reporting technologies and consequently in relational database programming. Thanks to the cooperation with production plants from many industries (including automotive, food, chemical, household appliances), the number of automatic reports can be counted in thousands. The dominant technology is SQL Server Reporting Services, but we also know Trello very well.

Types of reports – examples

We can offer to create any type of report – from simple ones showing historical data to advanced ones related to the genealogy of production. Detailed reports, e.g. those regarding traceability, provide information ranging from very general (e.g. the course of production on a given day in the production plant) to detailed one (e.g. with what parameters a given detail was made).

We also prepare reports related to:

  • efficiency,
  • causes of downtime,
  • data prepared for synchronization with other systems, and many more.

Integration with ERP

If the IT system implemented by a production plant is to automatically communicate with ERP, we first prepare a report that allows the user to make sure that the data in the system is prepared correctly. After obtaining a guarantee of correctness, we automate the process.

Reporting – forms of visualization

All reports created by the explitia team are based on automatic data. We design reports for various user groups, and we can present data in many forms, e.g. using charts, pie charts, scorecards or with the possibility of linking to external sources. The form of visualization depends on the needs of the production plant. When creating the report, we maintain the standards of the company. However, if the plant does not have developed standards, we can assist in creating them.

  • If the client likes to use existing reports, we automate the creation process, but we try to reproduce the visual side. This has a positive impact on change management and the adaptation of people who use reports on a daily basis.
  • If the explitia team is designing a new report, the first step is to create it in the form of a mockup.
monitoring energii

Reports for various data ranges

Frequently in production plants there is one type of report for both daily results and monthly statements. In this case, the monthly report takes a very long time to generate and is extremely difficult to analyze. The philosophy of data circulation is the same as for the daily report, and there is much more data.

In explitia’s offer, it is possible to build various types of reports – others for monthly, weekly or daily. In the case of various periods, a different approach for data recording and processing is worth adapting.

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