Programming for production

Does your production plant need dedicated IT systems? Are you looking for experienced specialists who know production technologies? Do you want to digitize and automate the data flow of your machinery? Discover the competences of the Explitia team and develop your company in the field of Industry 4.0

International projects

We implement projects all over the world. We have designed applications in various countries including Germany, Great Britain, USA and Mexico. All our specialists are fluent in at least one foreign language, which makes everyday work much easier. We approach each cooperation individually and flexibly, which is why we can offer both stationary and remote support adapting the working hours to the company’s time zone.

Experience in many industries

We have both Polish and foreign long-term clients who run production plants in various sectors, including:

  • automotive,
  • food,
  • chemical,
  • Household appliances.

Thanks to many interesting projects, we have gained extensive knowledge in the field of production technologies. We effectively combine process knowledge with system programming and thus help machine parks to implement and develop the ideas of Industry 4.0.

Possibilities of cooperation

We care about building relationships with our clients and creating solutions which really meet their needs. Therefore, we approach each cooperation flexibly. We can perform all activities or only one element of a multi-stage industry digitization and automation process. We can support our clients with advice and offer them help from the entire team – not only the programmer, but also the application architect, automation engineer, project manager – this way we create a complementary team.

Our competence

Check what percentage of the explitia team has knowledge of specific tools.

90% Data visualization, e.g. Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft Reporting Services.
90% Database including Microsoft SQL Server.
80% Programming languages e.g. C#, C++, JavaScript, Python, TSQL/SQL, VBA.
75% Web-backend ASP.NET, Entity framework core, WCF, Python (Django, Flask), Node.js (express.js).
65% Web-frontend, e.g. Bootstrap, Foundation, Tailwind CSS, .NET (Blazor, Razor pages).

Programming with explitia – why is it worth it?

Replaceability in the team – several employees with the same competencies. Possibility of quick response and replacement.
No communication barriers – all employees can speak at least one foreign language fluently.
Openness to business travels – the possibility of working at the client's site or implementing the project remotely.
Experience in technologies – extensive experience in technologies widely used in production, e.g. MES, data collection, visualization, communication, business, reporting, database.
Agile recruitment and onboarding processes – the key to our success, thanks to scalably built teams based on cooperation and quick knowledge transfer.

Contact us

Do you want to move your production plant to level 4.0? Are you interested in modern solutions for industry in the field of automation and digitisation? Be sure to let us know!

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