Logistics Platform

The logistics management system is a modern solution supporting such aspects as: optimal use of space, efficient flow of materials both in terms of storage and distribution of goods, and effective management of human resources. Discover the possibilities of the Logistics Platform.

What is Logistics Platform?

The logistics platform is an extensive logistics management system including solutions which support: managing production buffers in various areas of the production plant and maintaining production continuity, as well as optimising the transport of materials from the warehouse to the production line, in accordance with the JiT method.

Logistics management system - examples of possibilities

Designing the distribution of goods in the warehouse - in accordance with a specific strategy.
Creating new areas, buffers, channels and their full configuration.
Creating regions using a graphical editor - the ability to create any shape, facilitates the mapping of the actual appearance of the buffer.
Placing platforms according to various schemes, e.g. on one or more levels. Specifying the maximum height of selected buffer areas.
Production buffer management - in different areas of the production plant.
Filtering - efficient finding of a specific component, type of platform.platformy.
Permanent inventory records (online inventory) - the inventory report contains information on all platforms located in the area, and the "Platform information" report indicates exact data on the component located in a given platform, type of platform, as well as location, date of issue and alternative component.
Issuing and receiving materials - in accordance with the LIFO or FIFO principle, takes care of the expiration date of materials.
Delivery of components from the warehouse to production stations - in accordance with the principle of just in time.
Calculation of real material demand - based on production counters, current stocks of components at workstations and the production plan.
Creating optimal routes for transporting the assortment from the warehouse to the production hall - applies to production plants.

Why is it worth it?

Web applications

You can use the solutions regardless of place, time and device. Web applications are easier to maintain and allow easy upgrades without causing production downtime. They also mean lower maintenance costs.


Depending on your needs, you can implement all solutions included in the Logistics Platform or individual systems.

Integration with external systems

It enables integration with various external systems, e.g. ERP (e.g. SAP), MES, WMS.

Saving time and increasing productivity

Through better management of employees' time, elimination of queues.


Our team is competent in the field of integration with automation systems. We have experience in implementing Logistics Platform solutions in many industries including: automotive, household appliances, and food.

Efficient warehouse management and on-time deliveries with the Logistics Platform

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