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Our team is characterized by interdisciplinary competences. We combine programming skills with knowledge in the field of production technology. Thanks to this, we are independent technology advisors – we can offer a wide range of solutions in a specific area.

We combine process knowledge with system programming

The explitia team is characterized by a unique combination of competences in the field of production technology and programming. explitia specialists know perfectly well how to obtain data directlyfrom machines and present it in appropriate contexts, important from a business perspective.

  • We offer support in the selection and implementation of SCADA systems ((including AVEVA, COPA-DATA, GE Digital, Mitsubishi Electric, Siemens).
  • Our offer of IT services includes both the implementation of explitia’s own products and support in the selection
    and implementation of fully dedicated IT tools.
  • The explitia team has extensive experience in reporting technologies.
  • We have programming and diagnostic knowledge within the field of solutions based on AVEVA software.
  • explitia provides maintenance services IT.

Our competence

Check what percentage of the explitia team has knowledge of specific tools.

90% Data visualization, e.g. Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft Reporting Services.
90% Database including Microsoft SQL Server.
80% Programming languages e.g. C#, C++, JavaScript, Python, TSQL/SQL, VBA.
75% Web-backend ASP.NET, Entity framework core, WCF, Python (Django, Flask), Node.js (express.js).
65% Web-frontend, e.g. Bootstrap, Foundation, Tailwind CSS, .NET (Blazor, Razor pages).

7 Unique features of explitia

We combine programming skills and knowledge in the field of production technology.
We know how to extract data directly from machines and devices.
We present data from production processes in appropriate contexts, important from a business perspective.
We are independent technology advisors offering a wide range of solutions and tools in a specific, specialized field.
We assist in the entire implementation process of the new technology – from determining the actual need and creating a detailed plan, through implementing the solution, to servicing the working tools.
We implement projects in a consultative and agile manner – our clients can count on professional knowledge, and our flexible approach in the purchasing process and the implemented solution.
We give you the opportunity to develop – all our systems are scalable. They enable the development and efficient implementation of subsequent elements.

IT services – examples of possibilities

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