Data sharing via OPC

The scope of explitia’s IT services may cover the full implementation cycle – from technological consulting to service and maintenance. It may also cover an element of the entire process, for example, the implementation of the IT system is performed by an external company. In this case, the team’s point of contact with another software delivery is the OPC server.

What is an OPC server?

An OPC server is software the purpose of which is to communicate and exchange data between many automation devices from different manufacturers. The OPC server plays not only a communication role – it also constitutes a layer of data flow standardization. This is particularly important in industrial plants where many systems provided by several suppliers operate.

Standardization of data flow in production plants

In production plants, a lack of standardization at the level of data and addressing controller standards is quite common. Machine parks often have different processes and it is impossible to build automation systems based on one programming standard.

OPC standard – why is it worth it?

Standardization at the data circulation layer (the method of preparing data for IT systems) provides both the production company and the IT solution provider with a great sense of security.

Regardless of which machine or automation supplier you communicate with, the data is prepared in the same way.

Thanks to this, the implemented IT system is more flexible and scalable. In this case, at the IT level, there is no need to create a dedicated way of interpreting data for different control systems.

When scaling a system, standardization allows safe and repeatable development. It is extremely important if people who manage production plants seek a system that will be scaled across the enterprise or capital group.

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