How to increase the productivity of the production plant

Find room for savings, increase the efficiency and productivity of the plant, reduce the unit cost of manufacturing the product. Get to know IT solutions that will allow you to automatically collect and visualize data from many sources, including directly from devices and machines.




produktywność zakładu

More productivity in a changing reality

In the current, dynamic market, many companies would not be able to operate and develop without IT support. IT systems that monitor the most important indicators of the production process in real time are real support for managers and leaders. By providing real data in real time and the ability to efficiently analyze current and archival data, they facilitate faster decision making.

Wskaźnik OEE

Productivity monitoring

By using the Production Portal module, which is responsible for the visualization of the production status and automatic reporting, you can gain such information as:

  • production counter,
  • OEE divided into components (availability, efficiency, quality),
  • causes of downtime,
  • hour-by-hour status
  • Pareto charts (TOP 5 most frequent or longest downtimes).

Sample benefits of automatic production reporting

Better use of human resources by eliminating manual retyping of documents
Minimizing mistakes caused by manual data retyping
Constant access to current and archived indicators
Predict future failures - based on historical failures
Lower production costs and higher productivity - access to reliable data allows you to find space for optimization and makes it easier to make effective business and investment decisions
Optimal production planning - for example by comparing the OEE indicators of different machines

Example benefits of real-time production status visualization

Better communication and the ability to react quickly - insights into data, in real time.
One glance is enough and you know what is happening in the production hall at any given moment.
Access to information on what is currently happening at a production plant located in another city, country, on different continents.

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