monitoring energii

How to implement energy monitoring in a production plant?

The constantly increasing costs of energy carriers make the optimization of electricity and gas consumption a priority for the managers of production plants. Modern IT systems enable automatic collection and visualization of data from various types of machines and devices. On the other hand, constant access to reliable data allows you to make effective business decisions and makes it easier to find room for savings.

monitoring energii

Monitoring of electricity in the machine park

The service life of production machines is very long and can reach even several dozen of years. That is why – with dynamically changing electricity prices – it is worth paying attention to the existing machine park and considering what can be done to reduce electricity consumption.

IT system and monitoring of electricity consumption

The Production Portal module, responsible for data collection and visualization in combination with appropriate sensors, allows for monitoring the operation of various types of devices and machines. Thanks to this, with one IT solution, you can gain constant access to data from many sources, for example on electricity consumption: individual machines, in specific rooms or by various departments of the company.

Electricity monitoring - why is it worth it?

Faster response time

Thanks to modern solutions for acquisition and visualization, you can gain constant insight into current and archival data on many aspects, including media consumption, temperature, and dew point. After exceeding the set threshold values, the solution automatically sends (e.g. by e-mail) an alert, which speeds up the reaction and decision making.

Detailed knowledge

Reliable data obtained from machines allow, among others, to check how much electricity each device uses. If this value is known, the cost of energy and the percentage of the energy carrier in the manufactured product can be accurately calculated.

Conscious decision making

With detailed information, you can compare data with other machines, introduce optimizations, plan the production better, or plan the purchase of a new device that is more energy-efficient.

Knowing the context

IT solutions make it possible to give context to the collected data, e.g. the context of the machine, product, or an individual production order. Thanks to this, the customer gains knowledge related to the percentage share of the energy cost in the total production cost.

Energy consumption monitoring - benefits

Quick access to information
Access to current and archived data – acquisition and visualization of data from various sources
More efficient and effective decision-making
Savings by detecting the space to be optimized

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